Antique wedding Kimono experience



You can experience an antique wedding furisode which is more than 100years old 


Date: Weekdays 10:00-18:00 Or Saturday 16:00-18:00

Place : 9 Parsons st, Clayton South VIC

Price: $400

(value is equivalent to about $2000)



Size: Suitable for 150cm-165cm size 6-8


 What’s included in this price : One style kimono hire for photoshoot, Kimono styling, Studio hire fee, Photoshoot fee, hair accessories rental,  Assistant fee, Simple hair arrange and Photo data more than 20 images.(Professional hair and makeup is optional $400)


This Session is for strictly inside studio only No outside photo shooting


If you need professional Hair and makeup, please book for it.


Optional service

  • プラス150ドルで、パートナーの方の男性黒紋付羽織袴のレンタルと着付け(こちらはアンティークではありません)Gloom black Montsuki Haori set +$150
  • プラス150ドルで2スタイル Add one more style +$150
  • プラス100ドルで白無垢プラス(こちらはアンティークではありません)Add Shiromuku robe style +$100


If you take small children for this session , you will need one more supervisor for the children. You won’t be able to take children to the toilet or feed them during the session. There are some dangerous area for kids in our studio. We assume no responsibility of any incident of the children during the session.


This kimono dressing session is only for experiencing antiquewedding  kimono. It’s not for coming age ceremony or geisha theme photo session.

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