Kimono dressing lesson for beginners English

Beginner Kimono Course for Self-Dressing (Limited to 4 Participants)

  • Dates: September 15th, 22nd, 29th, and October 6th (Nagoya Obi Workshop)
  • Time: Every Friday, 18:30 – 20:00
  • Location: 2/9 Parsons Rd Clayton South
  • Total Sessions: 3-4 sessions (Each session costs $40, payable in class, card payments accepted)
  • Requirements: Participants must attend the first three sessions consecutively.
  • Language: The course can be conducted in either English or Japanese, depending on participants’ preferences.


  • Facebook account (we will create a group, but your personal information won’t be shared outside the group).
  • Kimono (nagagi, long kimono)
  • Narrow obi (similar to yukata obi)
  • For those attending the Nagoya obi workshop: Nagoya obi, obi makura (obi pillow), obi jime (obi cord), obi age (obi decoration)
  • Nagajuban (long undergarment) or two-part juban
  • Three koshihimo (waist cords) and two datemaki (obi clips)
  • A Laundry clip
  • (You can purchase all these items at our store, so feel free to come in before the class starts)
  • Additionally, you can create a collar liner (collar stiffener) easily.
  • Optional: Colin belt, obi ita (obi stiffener)
  • On the day of the class, feel free to wear a T-shirt, camisole, Heattech, or leggings underneath; whatever you’re comfortable in. A camisole with cup padding, rather than a wired bra.

Course Details:

This course aims to teach participants how to wear kimono, including the nagoya obi. It focuses on the practical aspects of wearing kimono and does not emphasize formal dressing techniques.

The instructor’s philosophy is centered around “learning to wear” rather than just “being able to wear” kimono. The goal is for participants to engage with their own kimono collection and develop the skills to dress themselves confidently.

The instructor advises against the mindset of achieving a certificate and then stopping. Instead, they encourage ongoing practice and exploration of kimono, comparing it to the process of becoming skilled at cooking.

Important Points:

  • The course emphasizes continuous practice, with weekly attendance for the first three
  • Participants are expected to wear their kimono at home as homework, without any rental options provided.
  • The course encourages a personal connection with the kimono and does not focus on formality or specific sizes.
  • Necessary items for participants to bring include various kimono accessories, and these can also be purchased at the instructor’s store.
  • Comfortable undergarments are recommended (Singlet or chest widely opened tshirt and leggings)  for participants to wear during class.
  • Personal consultations are available for those who have kimono collections but are unsure which to wear.$60 for this consultant. You must book for the consult.

Please note that while the instructor can offer guidance, there may not be time to answer individual questions about which kimono to wear during class sessions.

If you are interested in joining this course, please follow the instructions provided in the text, including completing a form with your details.

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